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Will you help organizations succeed in a rapidly changing world?

More than 300 organizations, such as health care institutions, municipalities, social housing associations, educational institutions, and businesses use our software to communicate with each other, to help customers, and to share information and knowledge between staff, customers, and suppliers.

Since 2010 we have been developing social intranets, solutions for omni-channel front offices for housing corporations and housing allocation. We do this with 150 professionals in the Netherlands and Germany, with offices in Best, Groningen, Sneek, Zeist, Braunschweig (Germany), and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Work on something meaningful
Using our software, citizens, and tenants are supported by helpdesks, online agents, and self-service apps. Our software is truly making people's lives better.

Solid business
Unlike many startups, we have a solid business model. Our customers pay for licenses and custom development, we're profitable, and we invest in innovation, research and development.

Open positions

Our perks

  • Great working environment
  • Competitive salary
  • Travel allowance
  • Pension plan
  • A yearly training budget
  • 25 days' paid annual leave per year (when working 5 days a week)
  • Fresh lunch and coffee daily
  • Flexible working hours
  • Monthly massages
  • Friday afternoon drinks


You should join the Embrace development team. Here’s why.

We’ve created an environment where developers thrive. Outlined below are our values so you can judge for yourself whether your values and aspirations align with ours.

Work on code

Lots of developers have deliberately chosen to master the art of programming but instead find themselves in meetings, taking support calls, or accompanying sales people to visit prospects. This is probably not where your heart lies.

We have the golden 5-hour rule: every working day you have five uninterrupted hours during which you don’t respond to emails or calls, and don’t participate in meetings. We’ve seen a huge uptick in developer happiness and productivity.

Become a better coder

One of the benefits of joining a growing team of developers (70 and counting) is the sheer awesomeness of knowledge and experience. We’ve adopted Spotify’s Squad Model so you will be able to join a squad where a senior tech lead will work with you to become a better coder. Through code reviews, training, retrospectives, and workshops you’ll harness new technologies and best practices.

Moreover, you’ll become a better coder because what we’re creating is not average stuff. Our products are part of complex customer infrastructures with lots of moving parts. There is a lot to learn with ample room to grow.

Avoid chaos

We’ve adopted a broad range of procedures to surround your work with proper checks and balances. Pull Requests, code reviews, testing strategies, continuous integration, DevOps, product management, sprints, and time to clean up tech debt are examples of the way we are avoiding chaos.

Work within a stable stack

Our technology stack is based on industry-standard technologies such as C#, .NET, SQL Server, Angular, React, Docker, and Azure. We're using Visual Studio, GitHub, and various DevOps tools. For communication and documentation we use tools like Teams, Slack, and GitBook. On our development hardware runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Have a life

You work 8 hours per day, and that’s enough. Only in rare circumstances when a customer is facing a critical issue we stick around in the office to right what’s wrong. If this happens you can compensate your free time at a later date.

Come work for us!

Submit your resume and we’ll take you through a quick 3-step interview process.

  • Step 1: a 20-minute call to get acquainted and exchange questions.
  • Step 2: a 1-hour technical interview. No preparations necessary, just an open, friendly discussion about a fictitious system we are going to “build” during this interview.
  • Step 3: you get a chance to visit one of our offices, and meet the team & leadership.